Mediums work in many different ways. Some mediums see spirits while others hear them. I use all methods listed below.

Akashic Records – Also known as “The Book of Life,” it can be considered the universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the storehouse of all information for every person and animal who has ever lived upon the earth. The Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, action and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. These records contain everyone’s past, present, and future possible lives. These records contain all events in the universe. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation, no matter how many lives someone has lived, it is all recorded in the Akashic Records. The super-computer of the universe!

Clairaudient(clear hearing) Perceive sounds or words from sources broadcasting from a spiritual realm.

Claircognizance(clear knowing) The ability to know something without knowing why or how you knew it. It’s like something randomly appears in your head, and you don’t quite understand how it got there. It takes faith to use claircognizance; however, it is one of the greatest gifts of intuition.

Clairempathy(clear emotion) Sense or “feel” within one’s self the attitude or emotions of another person.

Clairgustance(clear tasting) Discern the essence of a substance through taste from spirit.

Clairsentience(clear feeling) Perceive information by way of strong, emphatic feelings and emotions from spirit.

Clairscent(clear smelling) Smell a fragrance or odor coming from the spirit.

Clairtangency(clear touching) This ability is commonly known as psychometry. By holding an object or touching an area you perceive information about the article or its owner or history through the palms of your hands.

Clairvoyant(clear vision) See with the mind’s eye objects, colors, symbols, people, spirits, or scenes. These pictures are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the medium’s mind.

Ghost – A ghost is an earthbound soul of a deceased human or animal. It can’t – or won’t – move on to the afterlife. In many cases, a ghost doesn’t know it’s dead. Ghosts have not crossed in the light.

Soul contract – The soul contract is the blueprint of your life where you will balance your karma owed to other souls and learn the many lessons you want and need to learn. It is an agreement we make with other souls before we are born. These contracts are made with a unique purpose, and that is to teach us important lessons we’ve chosen to learn before our incarnation in this lifetime is over. People we have soul contracts with will come to our lives for this purpose, and they will be an important and unavoidable part of our individual path.

We make soul contracts with family members, friends, lovers, bosses, and pets! Prior to being born, during the pre-birth planning session, we will choose our surroundings, our parents, where we will be born and live. We will choose our careers, jobs, obstacles, challenges, diseases, issues, and lessons we want to learn in this life. So much is involved with soul contracts.