I offer three main types of readings:

mediumship, standard psychic, and past life psychic


Readings at a Glance

 I connect the physical world and the spirit world, enabling you to communicate with those who have passed on. (I speak to dead people.)

 I provide insight into your future, past, and present, empowering you with knowledge you can apply to help successfully navigate critical events in your life.

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As both a medium and a psychic (also known as a clairvoyant), the readings I provide tend to naturally blend the two types (mediumship and psychic). Although these services are distinctly different and you may only be seeking help with one or the other, please be aware that you may receive both types of readings during your session.

For example, if you’re receiving an intuitive reading to find out about your future or provide guidance with a specific issue, I’ll most likely communicate with a deceased loved one of yours who wants me to pass on a message.

Likewise, if you booked a mediumship reading to communicate with a deceased loved one, I will most likely pick up on events that haven’t happened yet or events that you may be planning or have already happened.

I often communicate with your spirit guides and can tell you about past lives during a reading. I interact with the angelic realms, ascended masters, and the Akashic records. There is no limit really.

Distant Healing

Virtual Readings

Please note that most readings can be conducted virtually as well as in-person. I am located in Tampa, Florida, but I routinely conduct readings for clients around the world via phone and Skype.

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How to Prepare for a Reading


The spirit world cannot predict the future because they already know a great deal of what’s to come and I depend on what they choose to show and tell me. Your free will also affects the outcome of your future possibilities.

While spirits can see the likely outcome of our actions, they may not tell us because we are not supposed to know. They also see everything at once – past, present, and future. They may give you a “heads up” about an event in the near future, but your own free will determines how you handle the situation or problem.

Mediums and psychics do not hold the answers to everything. Many times we, meaning myself, your guides, angels, loved ones on the other side, etc., know what your choice will most likely be, but your future is the outcome of your choices, actions, and soul contract.