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Reiki and Quantum Touch


Energy Healing Services at a Glance

As a Reiki master, I serve as a channel for healing energy to flow from me to my clients. I use the laying of hands and symbols to channel healing energy and work through the auric field.

As a Quantum Touch practitioner, I employ a combination of meditations and breathing techniques/breathing work to control and optimize my life energy so I can then raise my client’s energy to promote self-healing.

Energy Healing Services Tampa

Provided Worldwide

Healing Hands

Both Reiki and Quantum Touch use energy (also known as life force or Ki) to promote natural healing in the body. Unlike Quantum Touch, which consists of a specific techniques that can be learned, Reiki is considered a healing power that must be transferred from teacher to student by specific attunements. While Reiki uses symbols and attunement, Quantum Touch is viewed as a trained skill involving breathing and body awareness techniques.

Reiki and Quantum Touch: The Ultimate Power Couple

Reiki and Quantum Touch energy work can certainly be performed separately, but like my mediumship and psychic readings, I tend to naturally combine them during client sessions.

Like many Reiki masters who have incorporated Quantum Touch into their energy healing work, I’ve found that the two complement each other beautifully, elevating the experience and improving outcomes for clients.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing
The benefits of energy work from the comfort of your home!

Please note that Reiki and Quantum Touch energy healing sessions are NOT conducted in person. I am located in Tampa, Florida, but provide distant healing work for clients around the world.

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Do not use Reiki, Quantum Touch, or any other energy work as a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. I am not a doctor and I am not in the healthcare field. If you are experiencing medical issues, please see a doctor ASAP! Reiki and any other types of energy work I can provide is wonderful and should be used as a supplementary tool.