Client Testimonials

The People Have Spoken . . . And Here’s What They Said

Karla is the real deal. I HIGHLY recommend her. No matter how you walk in, you will walk out a believer.”

– Emily Hone

“My reading with Karla was my very first reading of any kind. It was a true pleasure! I went hoping to connect with my dad, and she picked up on him right away. She was able to sense how he felt before he died. She was connecting with things that he was showing her that I wasn’t expecting to hear but gave great validation. It felt so great to hear what she was picking up on. I look forward to learning much more about the psychic realm thanks to Karla!”

– Heidi Gigante

“Karla is what everyone that is grieving or looking for an answer needs to have a reading with. From the beginning to the end she only gave me evidence, I had many readings in the past after I lost my son and no one could collect so many facts like she did. I only have seen this type of experience on TV or YouTube, so she is real and she is the one. It was worth it traveling from Pembroke Pines to Tampa (four hours).”

– Johel Reguera

“I would like to thank Karla for sharing messages from my aunt who recently passed away. It was incredible how she gave me messages from family members who had passed including their names and how they were related to me. She has also given me some predictions that I am hopeful will come in the near future. I have recommended Karla to all my family and friends!!! All I can say about Karla is that AMAZING and I will be forever thankful for having met her!!!”

– Marisol Aarons

“Had my first mediumship with Karla today and let me say it was amazing. Didn’t give my real last name. Told me things that no one else could know. Especially names! Would recommend, already have, not even four hours later. Thank you so much Karla!! You’re amazing and so grateful to you! Can’t wait to do it again.”

– Donna Luciano

“Karla did a fabulous job! Her ability to quickly and clearly convey messages from the Spirit is appreciated! This was one of my best medium readings yet! I particularly like the way she presents the message being given her and how she patiently asks Spirit for more information. Job well done!”

– Karla Coar

“I had a wonderful reading with Karla, I feel a great deal of comfort in the devastating loss of my beloved grandson now. Karla brought up things that she could have never known! God Bless Her and the beautiful work that she does.”

– Joyce King

“I went to my first mediumship reading this week with Karla with the goal to get closure on my dad’s passing. She is absolutely incredible! I didn’t really give any information at all when I sat down and the things she was telling me were exactly things my father would only know. I left feeling relieved, happy and content. I definitely feel closure now since my dad’s passing was sudden. I am sure this won’t be my last time seeing her!”
– Frances Espinel

“Karla is honestly an amazing person, not only does she try to help you go through with whatever you could possibly be going through, she helps heal and does amazing work. She can help put your mind back at ease with a reading or help connect you with a loved one. You can see that she genuinely cares and will try her best to give you the answers you are looking for, and is completely honest with her readings and extremely accurate! I am so glad that I met her because she truly is a blessing!”

– Arleene Perez

“I was very happy with Karla’s reading! She has great energy and was very welcoming, especially her dog 🙂 She got straight to the issues I was concerned about, putting my doubts at ease. I was pleasantly surprised with the presence of loved ones from the other side, making this experience much more meaningful…I highly and easily recommend Karla! Thank you so much!!!”

– Flavia Carvalhaes

“I am very grateful to Karla, she is honest, compassionate, and has extremely good energy. I just needed some kind of insight and reassurance about my loved one. She helped me to release so much pain and learned plenty of information and more importantly, I got it !!! We don’t die. Karla has open many doors …I could never have done it without her help. I would highly recommend Karla.”

– Judith Del Valle

“I had Karla over to give private readings to myself and four of my friends. I’m very receptive to the energy of others and I loved being in her presence. She immediately was able to tell my birthday, she sensed a love one in the room and knew that the first loved one I mentioned was not the one who was there with us. The things she was able to tap into were really amazing and she helped me receive a message that I really needed to hear…no way she could have made it up!”

–  Angie Wing

“I have had two readings with Karla in the past year and a half. Both have been spot on. I was very impressed to get names. I have not gotten many names from other mediums I have gone to. I am a medium myself and to get names is a hard thing so I was floored when she mentioned some of the names of the deceased people who came through – especially the unusual names that are in my family. Thank you for the great reading!”

– Nicole Vaccaro

“I have known Karla for about a year and she has been a fantastic source of information and support. Her ability to identify loved ones on the other side by name is uncanny; she also has a lot of positive energy that translates into her desire to help. She is also extremely knowledgeable about the spiritual subject. I have been able to validate the information with time and through other sources. I trust what she has said is coming. She is also a jewel as an individual.”

– Il Kalez

Karla was my first mediumship reading and I was blown away! I reached out to her when I was having difficulty dealing with a sudden death of an ex. She blew my mind! She was saying things that no one could ever know! I left her with the biggest sense of peace contentment and calm. She helped me move past a place I was stuck in and see the bigger picture of why things happen the way they do. I love Karla and am planning to go back to see her soon! I would highly recommend her! – Erikka Ramirez

“Karla was really wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable and her abilities are truly evident. She is has a great gift and she conveys her visions with good clarity and when permitted, a good sense of humor. She answered all my questions and even brought up some before I asked! I would definitely recommend her and plan to return to her in the future.”

–  Lupe Bowling

“Karla was spot on with a situation I needed help with. She answered questions I had from my deceased son and gave me clarity when I needed it. I was referred to her by a friend whom also truly believes in her amazing talents. I feel very fortunate to have been guided to her when I needed to be. I will be seeing her again.”

– Tara Spake

“What an amazing experience! Karla is so personable and easy to talk with. She knew exactly everything I wanted to know without me saying a word. I left there with clarity and a calmness that I had not had in a long time. Highly recommended by one who has been to other psychics. She is the real, caring, funny and honest! Loved it and her!”

– Beth Roshaven

“I have now used Karla’s gifts twice to clarify and help answer some open-ended questions. She without a doubt is in-tune with today and future reality and capable of making medium connections from the other side as well. If you have a gut question I would say she’s the Bomb! My experiences were on the phone and in person and she nailed it! Thank You Karla :)”

– Monica Rendon

“Karla is amazing! She immediately connected with family members who have crossed over and was able to provide a vast amount of insight in regards to current situations in my life. I’ve had many readings from others but no one has ever been as accurate as she has. After my reading, I had Reiki work done and Karla cleared up all of my imbalanced chakras. She provided me with helpful tips to use on my own. I am so thankful I booked my sessions with her. She will amaze you! Can’t wait to go back!”

– Adrienne Lock

“I had a one on one reading with Karla and was blown away by all of the information and spirits that came through. Karla is extremely personable and started with my reading right away. The phrases she would repeat to me was proof of how powerful her connection is to the spirits. I had more spirits come then expected and Karla did a great job of keeping the situation organized and making sure to cover everything. Karla was able to tell me things that were specific to what I was looking for.”

– Melissa Wroble

Karla is a gem! I went to healers and psychics here in central “Florida and California and astrologers in India – she is the best of all of them to me. She was able to get messages from some people that crossed over that are able to truly help me. I am going through a lot right now. I highly recommend her, she has great gifts, a kind soul and is the real deal! I look forward to future sessions, for some of the messages help me with my everyday life. How profound is that? I am forever grateful!” – Tara River

“I just had a reading with Karla and she immediately connected with my Mom and Dad and gave me information that no one would have known. She has a real talent!!”

– Christopher Forbes

“Went to Karla today and she was amazing. Gave me peace of mind and she was spot on!!! Gave me a little bit of closure and will now allow me to move on with my grieving process!”

– Stacey Lazzelle

“I have had two readings with Karla. They have both been amazing. Karla touched on subjects and things that no one was aware of. She is intuitive, sensitive and very caring. She validated some things and helped me face the future with confidence. I recommend her highly.”

– Saida DeLeon

“Karla is an amazing intuitive and medium! My husband’s mother passed when he was very young, and Karla was able to connect and bring forward messages to really validate his memories and provide closure for him. She is on point, direct, and extremely accurate… we got chills! Thank you, Karla! I’m so glad we found you.”

– Anya Guaba

“I met with Karla for the first time and I could not be more satisfied with my experience, she is wonderful. My reading was full of validation, she brought up information that only I knew and answered all of the questions that I had close to my heart. My favorite thing about Karla is how much I learned from her during the reading, she has a special way of relaying messages from the “other side” and also kept the reading light hearted which I appreciated. I recommend Karla with all my heart!”

– Elizabeth Fortino

“Karla gets straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush- no fluff at all. She is very accurate, you can really tell she isn’t just shooting in the dark because of how specific she gets. Even though I went only for a psychic reading, she offered some very specific mediumship connections as well, as she is able to seamlessly blend the two. Also very accurate Reiki therapy, she pinpointed a knee injury that I had not told her about and was very subtle. Highly recommended!”

– Alexander Finch

“Met with Karla for a group reading with my family. There was a lot going on (lots of spirits) but Karla really concentrated on what was important to us, our recently passed Grandmother. She’s very black and white, thoughtful, clear and really got our family dynamic. She did a great job at explaining things to us and really took on the persona our passed loved ones. Can’t wait to meet with Karla again in the future!”

– Jordan Hoeffner

If you are looking for special, inspiring and talented, please see Karla. You will have an experience you will never forget. Today was the third reading from Karla in a year and a half. She is remarkable, accurate and has proven each time she is authentic. Her readings have surprised us, with specific names of family members, situations that have occurred and some that will happen after the reading. She has been right on target. She is unassuming, easy to relate to with a wonderful sense of humor. – Rosie Stallman

“This was my first mediumship reading. Karla was right on with many things she told me about my father and his passing. After struggling with some things after his death, she made me feel more comfortable with certain issues. She had a very easy going personality, and made me feel at ease from the get go. I would recommend Karla to anyone.”

– Alyson Truong

“Thank you, Karla! Your reading was very accurate. I am impressed and will contact you again down the road for a psychic reading.”

– L. Girard

“Wonderful experience. Recommend her highly. Want to come again and hear more. Thank you so very much.”

– Ann Phillipson

“Karla is one of the best psychics mediums I know. She is in tune to her spirit guides and is very easily able to connect to the other side. If you would like to connect to your deceased loved ones and receive their messages, I highly recommend her.”

– Maggie Batt

“Thank you so much for your wonderful readings…You knew so much and everything you told me was right on…You clarified so much and gave me so many answers that I was seeking…I have had many readings before and they ask so many questions that anyone could have connected the dots, but you, on the other hand, didn’t ask a lot instead you told me things that I have NEVER told anyone before and you knew without asking. You were so accurate and very insightful. Thank you for blessing me with your amazing gift. You are truly gifted and I’m very fortunate to have had you do my readings. Anyone that needs a reading please do yourself a favor and have it done by this most amazing, gifted, insightful psychic. Believe me she will astonish you with her accuracy. Have questions, doubt, or fears, well put them to rest for Karla has your answer….”

– Kathleen Thyben

“I first went to Karla for a reading in a group of three. We were astounded with her connection to our loved ones that had passed. She touched each of us in a way we had not expected. She had no knowledge of our lives prior to the reading and nailed points that offered no other explanation but the fact that she was communicating to them. She even pinpointed that a pet had passed and was reaching out to his owner. We walked away awestruck. I had a second private reading that was equally spot on.”

– Peggy McGuffey

I had a medium reading with Karla and it was the most amazing hour I could have hoped for. She immediately brought forth the person I desperately needed to hear from. She validated everything to a tee. Was very soothing, personable and I felt at complete ease and peace. She is the real deal and I look forward to getting another reading in the future. – Cheryl Chabot

“Karla is the real deal. Being highly intuitive myself, I immediately got great vibes from her. In my mediumship reading she was spot on, helped answer some of my questions and helped ease some of my grief. I have to say she is the best psychic medium I have ever been to. I will certainly have more sessions with her and will bring my friends who are struggling with a loss of their loved one too. THANK YOU Karla!”

– Dee Reed

“I had a reading done with Karla and I enjoyed it. She gave me a flash drive to review of our reading and I did with my mom at a later date and we were able to put things back together from the reading. Being that I was unable to give good feedback on her questions it made it a little difficult; however even without my feedback Karla was able to put things together with just her gift and my family on the other side and I am grateful for Karla’s help and I will definitely return with family.”

– Laurusha Jarrett

“I had the most phenomenal medium reading Karla is absolutely amazing I had just experienced a major lost my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident and it was if he was sitting right beside me in conversation she gave me my husband back if only for a moment I can’t thank Karla enough for a reading full of compassion for me and our children. Thank you for giving my children their daddy back… Thank you for an amazing experience will be back in 3 months thank you again from The Mottley Family!”

– Davinia Mottley

I’m completely amazed with the mediumship reading I got from Karla recently. She is a very intuitive medium and also a beautiful and kind soul. She was able to give me a lot of detailed information about my family that she had no way to know. I have been looking for a good psychic Medium since a long time ago and I finally found Karla, she is the best. I’m very happy and I highly recommend her.
– Iliana Valdes