Psychic Readings

Do you want to learn what your future holds or gain insight into your present life?

During your psychic reading, I will most likely pick up on events that haven’t happened yet, events that you may be planning, or events that have already happened.

If you are receiving a psychic reading to see what may be coming up for you in the future or to help you with a specific issue you may be in need guidance about, most likely I will connect with someone in your life who has passed on and communicate a message for you or someone close to you.

Psychic Reading Services

I offer both individual and group psychic readings (psychic parties), as outlined below.

Individual Psychic Reading Rates

Individual Reading

60-minute reading


Individual Reading

30-minute reading


Psychic Parties at a Glance

Group Reading

15-minute private mini psychic reading per guest

$45.00 per guest

Distant Healing

Virtual Psychic Readings

Please note that all readings can be conducted virtually as well as in-person. I am located in Tampa, FL, but routinely conduct readings for clients around the world via phone and Skype.


“Karla was really wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable and her abilities are truly evident. She is has a great gift and she conveys her visions with good clarity and when the permitted, a good sense of humor. She answered all my questions and even brought up some before I asked! I would definitely recommend her and plan to return to her in the future.”

– Lupe Bowling

For telephone and Skype readings, I accept payment through Square. I will email you an invoice via Square with a link that will allow you to pay securely by credit or debit card.

If you are seeing me for an in-person session, I accept credit cards and cash. Upon request, I will email an invoice via Square before your appointment with a link that will allow you to pay securely by credit or debit card.

Please visit my FAQ page for specific information about policies and procedures for your reading service.

Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. By scheduling an appointment with Karla, you are confirming that you understand Karla is not an attorney or medical expert and can not give legal advice or a medical diagnosis. Karla will not be held responsible for any decisions or actions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Karla is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a service with her. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.

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